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The Bassac are among the last classic wooden river cruisers in Vietnam: three elegant ships sharing one standard and differing mostly by their size.

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Traditional ship construction

All three Bassac are built of wood according to the tradition of the rice barges of the Mekong delta, with amendments where safety standards require.

Our first Bassac actually once was a rice barge, which we bought and overhauled into the cozy cabin cruiser it is today, and although we designed Bassac II and III as entirely new hull designs, more adapted to their present purpose, they were built at the same shipyard, with the same craftsmanship and according to the same tradition.

Bathroom on board the Bassac


The cabins feature soundproofed partitions and double glazing to protect the passengers' sleep from the noises of the river. These partitions are also heat insulated and meant to slow fire in case of an emergency. The access to outside is immediate.

The cabins are scented by Laurent Séverac, perfumer in Hanoi.

We have air-conditioning in all the cabins, with split systems to allow for a quiet night –even the boat's equipment themselves are quiet even though some must run all night long.

Utilities and services on board

The Bassac all offer 24-hour power and air-conditioning in cabins fitted with fire detection and fire fighting. A bathroom en suite with every cabin offers hot and cold water all the time.

The galley is suitable to serve refined meals and uphold the best sanitary standards, even for groups of up to twice the bedding capacity of the ship.

Layout principles

The passengers can enjoy privacy on board, as the layout allows the crew to be discreet and offers several living areas so that different groups may make the journey their own.

Wide access to outside while still retaining the capability to serve even in bad weather guarantee a good experience of the Mekong delta.

Their layout and structure make the Bassac quiet enough to allow the passengers to sleep while the ship is under way.

Bassac III exit routes


Safety comes first in the design and operation of the ships. Flotation devices are available for all on board and more, redundant alarm and fire detection as well as redundant fire fighting means are present on all the Bassac.

The handrails all around the ship are sturdy and a mesh of rope prevents any kids from falling.

Upon boarding, the passengers are informed of the areas that are open or off-limits to them, and instructed about emergency situations, how to give the alarm and where to meet.

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