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Electric wire down near Cái Bè

Two weeks after the traffic through the Chợ Lách canal was perturbed for a few days, Cái Bè is a bit isolated on the river as a high voltage wire was downed apparently by high winds, and is interrupting the traffic again.

The Bassac like all other boats large and small were stuck behind this wire, about 15km East of Cái Bè. We could arrange local boats to get to the location of the felled wire, and transboard the passengers onto shore on the Thanh Phong island, then onto the local boats for the visit upon arrival. In case it took long to pull the wire up again, will simply will run around Thanh Phong and come the other way into Cái Bè.

Our passengers have been properly taken care of, and will bring back home memories of a bit of adventure. It would not be Vietnam without a bit of adventure, would it.


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